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back to the WP default dashboard to try and make posting a shread easier from the PSP….

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in the living room….

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There must be close to half a dozen people at work that have PSP’s and took the jump to 2.0 today. It’s really amazing to see how many adults are sporting these little powerhouses.

Here’s a few things I’ve found out :

Bookmarks.html – You can edit the bookmarks.html file very easily with your favorite text editor. In my csae I use BBEdit. The file is located at /Volumes/your device name/PSP/SYSTEM/BROWSER/bookmarks.html It’s sure a lot easier to edit a text files, as opposed to keying in the letters.

A short list of decently formatted sites for the PSP:

GA Navigator – Local travel information

Weather Underground – Mobile version

Google News – Text version

BBC News – PDA with graphics

Bloglines/public/markx – need some RSS action, if it works – it’s been a long time since I’ve updated these feeds… Time to look for a non-framed navigation. – now this is SWEET.

Mobile Technorati - search for PSP

ESPN for the Pocket PC

[update] – flickr mobile – fantastic

[update] – bloglines mobile – nice

Another interesting thing I noticed, along with the history button when manually entering an url, was the file:/ selection. Let’s see if I can set my bookmarks file as my homepage. Sure enough. Browser sure starts quicker without loading a remote page.

A couple things that I don’t care for as much with the browser – the status bubble. While it looks nice, it’s a bit difficult to see the status on white backgrounds.

The second is that I haven’t figured out how to get the browser settings to stick. I’d sure like to be able to hold the small text and just fit modes (under view settings).

In the background Solid Steel (02 JUN 2003) from the album “The Broadest Beats 02″ by Dj Vadim

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Yeah, I did it….

Painless following these instructions.

I also found a use for my 32 meg card – drop the update on there, just in case something goes wrong, I don’t lose my Hot Shots standing….

[update] – Browser FAQ

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I’m so tempted to jump to 2.0. We’ll see how that holds out through the evening. I might jump in, too.

Russell Beattie installed PSP Update 2.0:

It looks like Russell took the plunge and installed the v.2.0 PSP Update. Evidently, even though it is the Japanese version of the firmware, it works…

Features in 2.0:

* Web Browser. No Flash support yet. There is also a setting so you can lock access to the web browser.

* Video performance for UMD Video and UMD Music discs increased

* A-B Repeat mode for video playback

* 4:3 Ratio added to picture mode

* Audo performance increased for Memory Stick Playback

* MP4 AVC (H.264) playback from Memory Stick

* ATRAC3 playback from Memory Stick Duo (as opposed to just Duo Pro) supported

* Memorystick support of MP4 AAC and WAVE (PCM) added

* Wallpaper support added (get wallpapers from

* TIFF, GIF, PNG, and BMP file types can now be displayed

* Korean Fonts and language supported

* Theme support (remember that /vsh/themes folder?)

* WPA-PSK (TKIP) wireless settings now enabled

* Web input support for the Onscreen Keyboard added (http:// shortcuts, etc…)

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Last night got me started on the text reader for the PSP hunt. I want to get Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town on my PSP.

I’ve found CN Reader to fit the bill. while it’s not the perfect application, I think it’s pretty handy to have a book on the PSP. I followed these instructions (scroll down to CN Reader) to get things working.

There’s some great homebrew PSP action…..

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I guess this relates to the PSP and part of my hockey passion…..

Just finishing week one with the PSP, I was playing around with some podcasts and the PSP. At least drop a few on there. Why not add one of the CNN podcasts, a PSP Podcast, maybe the last Tokyo Calling and a couple other tidbits.

As luck would have it, the 8 pm CNN podcast started playing and I heard the “official” word that there’s a tentative deal. About freakin’ time…

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Half way through the old PSP Podcastsfeed here.

Bought Lumines.

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So a little background to all this….

About a month ago, we bought a PSP for work. The purpose was to see what we “could” do with it. It was a blast for the first week that I had it. After that, it goes into a weekly check out program for anyone to take for the week. There’s a couple games that go along with it, Wipeout Pure and Hot Shotz Golf. Dump a few podcasts to it and a few movies, good to go.

Well, I decided it was time to count my loose change and buy one that wouldn’t need to be shared. I got a couple games as well. Metal Gear Acid and Ridge Racer.

Next I’m off to see what else could be done with the PSP (beyond syncing with iTunes, iPhoto, and movies.

First order is to try to get episodes 3 and 4 of Jamie’s School Dinners from a bit torrent AVI file onto the PSP so I can watch the next two episodes on my commute. PSPware is converting away and we’ll see how it goes. It would appear to be a bit slow. I guess I should have timed it. (update – worked like a charm…)

This is more of a gathering of links that someone else might find useful. As I try things, I’ll give them a few notes.

A few places I used to get started:
psp – Technorati
psp, playstationportable – flickr
working on my bookmarks for psp as I go
My PSP – Chris Pirillo with a wealth of information, gives us:

I’ve only listed the sites that have valid feeds. Otherwise, I’d never remember to go back to each one of ‘em… what, with being too busy mastering my new PSP games. :)

PSP Hacks – I’m lost in the most recent forums……

In the background 6Mix 28-12-2003 Part 2 from the album “Radio 6 6Mix” by Kid Koala

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