I guess I may be a little slow on the uptake and missed the NY Times podcasts until Dave mentioned that he created their OPML file for them. For me, get the OMPL andl import that into NetNewsWire. All is well, so far.

NNW goes through on the next update and downloads all the new podcasts. It’s quite a few.

The next morning in my sync before I head to work, I figured I might as well stick some Times podcasts on my iPod (I manually manage my audio podcasts) and have a listen. In looking at the smart playlist which captures any new podcasts in the last 2 days, I can’t make any sense of what is the most recent. I have an idea.

No Artist, no album, poor titling, file management pain down the road……

198407261 4947F15605 O

Easy come, easy go. I’ll stay subscribed to one of these to see when the experience becomes more user friendly.

I guess I can give that tip to Steve Gillmor on me staying subscribed to one and not completely abandoning them. After listening to 23 gillmorgang-14601-07-18-2006_pshow_6153, the Gang gets onto folks complaining anonymously and unsubscribing to podcasts and/or feeds.

Here’s my reach out to the NY Times (and Podshow) folks to see if they might be able to work out the proper titling and considering us users at the end. I hate renaming podcasts after I’ve downloaded them.

As with the NY Times (Restaurant Update), I’ll stay subscribed to the Gillmor Gang to see if things improve.

The promos at the beginning of the Gang do seem to be getting shorter. It’s almost easier to fast forward through 5 minutes of commercials than a 30 second lead in.

Here’s towards working together.

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