It’s been quite a while since I’ve completely disrupted my podcast subscriptions and consuming habits.

My routine is very much set it and forget it. For the last couple months my routine had been pretty well set with what I was watching and listening to. That’s all changed.

Dug around Amigofish, explored iTunes, see what rooty reccomends. I’ve probably dropped 20 or 30 podcasts that hadn’t been touched in weeks, but added back another 20 or 30.

It all started with adding in the Croncast.

Guess it’s time to resync the iPod and tweak my smart playlists…..

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3 Responses to “Podcast subscription disruption”
  1. glemak says:

    i go through the same process about every 4 months, seems to be seasonal – always end up keeping the ones i love, and then adding new ones and some i deleted earlier back in to find that they still don’t rise to the top – there is so much good stuff out there now its hard to find time to catchup and listen to everything – a good problem to have i guess…

  2. cosmo says:

    Don’t forget to re-subscribe to the Clubside Breakfast Time Podcast, and of course, all of the varied and sundry offering at .

    It will be good to see you again at Gnomedex this summer!!

    Cosmo (jay)

  3. mark says:

    oh, I’ve been suscribed to both for quite some time…..

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