Podcast from the Syndicate Conference in NYC, entitled “Beyond Words: Media RSS and Podcasting

One thing to note on the audio quality on all the podcasts from the conference, they were recorded nearly as low tech as you can get. An iRiver iFP-899 sitting on the table in the middle of a large conference room using the internal mic. No external mic, no headphones to check audio quality, no changing settings. Simply turn power on, hit record.

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  1. Shop4Computers.info » Blog Archive » Podcasts from Syndicate conference last month says:

    [...] Here are the sessions Mark grabbed (and thanks to the IDG World Expo folks for encouraging this!): Beyond Words: Media RSS and Podcasting featuring David Berlind (ZDNET), Mike Dunn (Hearst Interactive Media), Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo!), and David Payne (CNN.com) (I moderated — some notes here) Doc Searls’ Closing Remarks Leave a Comment [...]

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